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Steve Latham, festival director of
Eurobest 2009, that will take place 25-27 November in in Amsterdam.
Why is there a thing like the Eurobest 2009 Advertising Festival? I understand it is Cannes coming to your doorstep... 'The festival is an opportunity for the European advertising and creative industry to meet, to reflect and discuss the issues and challenges it faces. Today, more than ever, with Europe being heavily effected by a recession and with many changes happening within the industry, it's important to be in touch. But Eurobest is also an apportunity to celebrate and remind ourselves that Europe is still producing great advertising work. However we are seeing though more and more lions at
Cannes Lions being won by agencies from countries outside of Europe. With clients becoming more knowledgeable about the big idea and how good creative can directly affect the bottom line, Europe will only survive by it's own ideas and innovation. Eurobest provides the opportunity to do this.'
Some people in Holland have the idea that we should have the ambition to build Amsterdam into Europe's Capital of Creative Industry. What do you think... 'Amsterdam is alive with a creative vibe that you can feel in the air, it's in the DNA of the city and it's no surprise that agencies like
Wieden + Kennedy,
TAXI Europe have made their home here. Amsterdam is widely recognised for the outstanding work it produces and there is no better example of this than
Tribal DDB Amsterdam, who won the
Film Lion Grand Prix at this years Cannes Lions Festival for Carousel. What's also impressive is the depth of creativity that extends into other industries. The Dutch are world leaders in the management of water control and defences around the world, with an innovative approach to problem solving that's created an estimated value of €60 billion.
Guerrilla Games and
Streamline Studios are two examples of companies with a strong creative vision competing successfully in a global market all industries are aiming to work together to get bigger ideas to add value to the European economy. So why shouldn't the city strive to become Europe's creative capital? There is a strong sense if collaboration amongst the creative community and with the talent and ambition here, I wouldn't be surprised if this ambition is achieved.'
What are the best reasons to sign up for Eurobest 2009? 'I believe a visit to Eurobest is a commitment to develop yourself, beginning with the learning opportunity Eurobest provides. 80 speakers from across the world are ready to share their insights and ideas about the creative industry today. Take time to study the shortlisted work for the Eurobest Awards, available to view in the venue. The learning extends to conversations with other delegates about what you've seen and heard. The value of these connections cannot be underestimated and we've seen time and time again that there is real value to the networking opportunity the festival provides. Knowing that agencies are in search for solid network parties in Europe. Amsterdam is actually the platform that understands business from a global perspective (174 nationalities) but still in need for proper co-creators in countries like Germany, Spain and even Poland. Included in the registration fee is access to
Networking After-dark, where 5 Amsterdam agencies have agreed to open their doors from 6pm on Thursday 26 November, so you meet them, see where they work, meet their teams and guests. The evening concludes at
Bureau Pindakaas where 17 agencies are collaborating to host a big party for all delegates. Finally Eurobest concludes with the presentation of the
22nd Eurobest Awards and
After party, an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the best of European advertising from the last 12 months. I hope to see you there.'

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