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Interview with Jos Beijen, owner & founder of Plant the Brand, international experts in company brand experiences.

Jos, would you like to introduce Plant the Brand in two or three sentences?

Plant the Brand is an independent brand design & brand activation agency with a strong expertise in creating, managing and delivering international exhibition projects introducing businesses and products into international markets all over the world.

Could you mention some client references?

We have a strong presence in international Business to Businesses. Client references are Boskalis, Dragados, Total, Royal TenCate, Yokogawa, Hunkeler, Scodix, Screen Europe, Domino Printing, Prova and Intersport.

What does Plant the Brand exactly for clients?

We create, organize and deliver the physical company’s presence at global tradeshows and exhibitions. In our professional language, this is called “brand experience”. At Plant the Brand we have over three decades of international specialist expertise in realising appealing Brand Experiences around the globe. We manage for you the complete project; all in your full ownership at competitive pricing.

Looking back at 2017; what have been your business highlights?

It’s always a happy occasion to welcome new customers. In 2017 Domino Printing and SPT Offshore have selected Plant the Brand as their global partner for creation, management and deliverance of their brand experience concept.

Your sector has various names such as brand experiences & brand environments, live communication as well as events & exhibitions. Which name best suits your expertise?

Personally I do have a strong preference for terms like experts in brand experience and brand environments. In essence, our concepts are based on corporate guidelines, messages and/or directives. Of course, next to external professional creative inspiration and perceptions. If non-existent our greatest challenge is guidance and management of the definition (corporate DNA and/or mission, vision, values) as well as visualisation of corporate fundamentals. Final result of the whole process is the actual delivery of a physical client corporate presence/identity anywhere in the world.

What is Plant the Brand's vision on developments in the market?

Reference is made to professional publications and communities such as Expo Magazine, Marketing Society as well as our own practical experience. Decision makers strongly prefer the personal touch; fairs, trade shows and exhibitions are considered as the perfect personal communication moments. Did you know that each year 30,000 global business-to-business exhibitions are organized? This is the case for decision makers and tradeshows in which they operate. A strong and even systematic preference from other media channels such as e-mails, advertising in trade journals, advertorials, telemarketing, social media and free publicity. Of course, digital tools progress more and more in the process of personal contact between people.

What can we expect from Plant the Brand in this context?

We will continuously optimize our role as a professional partner for decision makers in international business to business as well as give completion to market needs and expectations.

Key focus is on customers, quality and brand awareness:

  • Excellent Customer Service and Customer Relationship is the key unique selling point; often mentioned/referred to as the dedicated Plant the Brand treatment. In order to service and support our growth in customer base and so the increase in activities such as concept & design (studio), project management (FTE’s) we moved to our new spacious office in Almere (February 2018).
  • For the purpose of professional customer conceptual advice, we strengthen ourselves in expertises such as creation, brand strategy, digital & online.
  • Visibility and brand awareness is very important; people want to be confirmed in their choice for a supplier and/or a business partner. At Plant the Brand we make significant investments in our own online presence by introducing our new website sharing our business credentials as well as presenting a range of inspiring client brand experience cases delivered all over the world; we do Google add campaigns and we are significantly intensifying our Linkedin & Facebook activities. Note: just like our Plant the Brand clients you are invited to follow our Linked page to stay tuned for the latest news and updates.
  • Sustainability is also of increasing importance in our sector. The sponsorship of Elephant Parade fits perfectly with our profession with an emphasis on creativity and design. Above all, it makes people aware of the importance and preservation of the original, natural habitat. We think that is very important, personally and as a company. After all, many materials used in our sector come from the same habitat.

What are the Plant the Brand 2018 objectives?

Intention is to expand our business and activities. Over the last five years we have experienced substantial annual growth. We have a strong presence in Energy, Maritime, Offshore, Printing, Manufacturing, Composites, Dental and Food. We investigate opportunities to expand in these sectors and we develop new business activities in Technology, Telecommunications, Broadcasting, Professional Gaming, Automotive and Medical.

Regarding objectives growth is a most widely used term; does this mean organic or inorganic growth?

We are in favour of organic growth. Over the years prospecting have become a carefully elaborated operation. Criteria in the selection process regarding client profiles contains elements such as activities in business to business, a multi-event and international exhibition agenda, preferably there is no corporate appearance whether organizations want to change, clients are open for a change in corporate image and clients opt for long-term partnership. Based on experience with the subject of customer growth, we can analyse the impact on our internal organization fairly accurately and decide to act upon it if necessary. No compromise will be made in terms of quality, customer relationship and customer service.

Which international Events & Exhibitions are leading in your current acquisition activities?

We explore activities at all leading international Business to Business Events and Exhibitions. At the moment, we very much involved in acquisition for Wind Energy Hamburg, Gastech Barcelona, IBC Amsterdam, ONS Stavanger, Auto Mechanika Frankfurt, Aluminium Dusseldorf and World of Technology & Science (WOTS) Utrecht. Our serious suggestion is to follow our LinkedIn page where we publish all exhibitions and tradeshows we are aiming for. Alternatively, prospects and customers are more than welcome to give me a call to investigate opportunities in future cooperation.

Which new customers would you like to welcome on behalf of Plant the Brand

Confidence is very important to us and we cherish that principle. Several negotiations play at various stages, all are in the business to business arena, all are international client profiles, all have a multiple event calendar, sectors are international trade, industry and specialist consultancy.

A final surprise to finish this interview?

I am a cycling fanatic. Due to the increase in distance from my home to the new Plant the Brand office in Almere, I sincerely hope to welcome you soon with an optimal condition in our building as a prospect or as a (new) client.

Contact details:

Plant the Brand

Kemphaanweg 1

1358 AA Almere

The Netherlands

Tel: +31-(0)35-5663303

Weergaven: 97


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